Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" Paul McCartney

I am 64 years old today, November 20. The Beatles song "When I'm 64" came out in 1967 when I was 15, and just like Paul McCartney, I never thought I would actually BE 64!  The number was just too big to comprehend at the time!

The magic milestone age of 64 brings an entire list of reflections and revelations I would like to share with you. 

1. I am really glad I chose teaching as a profession. I am discovering as an entrepreneur that the business world is brutal, and I appreciate the fact that I spent 37 years in the cocoon of Education.

2.  "You're not getting older- you're getting better" is actually true. I think many of us become "Rhodes Scholars" of life after our decades of experiences, improving our knowledge, our intellects, and our "Who cares? I'm 64"  attitude. 

3. I appreciate the exponential growth of technology in my lifetime!  Just thinking about technology in music - we went from 78's to LP's to 8 tracks to cassettes to CD's!  And I have a Sonos system in my house that fills the rooms with beautiful music- and the speakers are tiny- not like the giant speakers from not too long ago. And what about computers? The gigantic boards and hardware that made computers fill large rooms of air conditioned space are now so compact that all of those important electronic pieces fit into a phone.  Just think -the IPhone has more technology in a handheld device than it took to launch the first rocket to the moon!  And we even have self-driving cars!  The Jetsons TV show ideas from my childhood have at least partially come true in today's world!

4. The advancement of medicine in my 64 years of life is astounding. When I was a child, the word CANCER meant a death sentence.  Although not completely curable, huge strides have been made to control many forms of cancer and to give the patient a good quality of life.  Maybe in the next 64 years, cancer will be completed curable.  Surgeries like appendectomies and others are done through a laparoscopy- cutting healing time to a minimum. Laser vision correction can save and improve sight, and lasers, in general, are a typical tool of the surgery center!

5. Diseases like polio and smallpox have been completely eradicated from the United States. Polio was a major threat when I was a child, and some of my friends contracted polio. Medicine has grown in leaps and bounds!

6. Communication has changed completely, with cell phones and texting and Instagram and Periscope and Facebook Live.  I am not sure that all of this is for the better, but gone are the days of the home telephone and the snail mail letter as the sole means of communication.

I am so appreciative of my age, as I reflect on my many friends (and my late husband) who died too young and who would have liked to have seen 64. I am grateful for lifelong friends who continue to enrich my life every single day.  I am thankful for the mistakes I made in the past, which helped to guide me to my future. I value the many life lessons I have learned, so that when I am asked for advice, I have guidance to offer.  I realize that the difficulty and problems of my lifetime have made me into a stronger person.  I appreciate life, time, good weather, food, driving in a convertible with the wind in my hair, cashmere sweaters, good books, wine, laughter, family, and a good night's sleep. I try to find the good in everyone I meet. 

When I was a little girl, 64 was VERY OLD!  I'm glad that has changed, because I only feel about 29! So here's to a milestone birthday that the Beatles and I never thought we would reach, because 64 was going to be so far away from 15. 

Here is a nice little history of the song, and you can click on the tab to listen to it!  

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