Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, . . . " William Arthur Ward

How I wish the spirit of Thanksgiving Day would permeate our lives every day of the year! Facebook posts are uplifting, people are not afraid to show their love and concern for others, the general manners of the populace are improved, and the spirit of caring and happiness are in the air - even in the grocery store! 

Why can't we have gratitude every day- and not just Thanksgiving Day?  I think we can! We all simply need to adjust our attitudes a bit. Let's take a look at that, and a few scenes I have imagined for us to consider.

Scene:  You have a flat tire.  You are going to be late for work.
Normal reaction:  ^%$*&@#$%% 
Grateful reaction:  Thank goodness that I did not get hurt or that my flat tire did not pull and force the car over the cliff.  And I have cell service, so I can call AAA and also let work know that I will be late.  This could have been so much worse in the rain or the snow.

Scene:  Someone with 40 items is in front of you in the express self-checkout line. You are in a hurry.  The shopper does not seem to know how the system works, and her English is not very good.
Normal reaction ^%$*&@#$%% 
Grateful (and helpful) reaction: Gesture that you will help this person.  Smile - and mean it. Show her how to scan- in fact, pantomime for her to bag while YOU scan! Help her to get through the transaction, and you will get through the line faster, and you will have done something nice for someone who really needed your help.  You are a pleasant American. Smile and wave when she leaves. Be grateful for your expertise at body language and a toothy grin- it just saved you 15 minutes. 

Scene: You are on the phone with a company regarding a bill. You have been on hold for 10 minutes, and you finally got a person in customer service.
Normal reaction ^%$*&@#$%%
Grateful reaction:  Be kind.  This person is a victim of anger and yelling all day long.  Show some empathy.  "Thank you for taking my call.  I really hope you can help me.  I appreciate that your job is so challenging, and I would really like it if we could both be patient and good listeners so that work together to solve this issue."  (Trust me- being kind works every time.) Say this - and mean it - "I am so grateful that the queue connected me to you!"  Be grateful that you have empathy for others, which helps them to have empathy for you.

I am sure you see what I mean!  In any given situation, you have a choice- to complain and be angry, or to make the best of what is put before you.  I suggest a little attitude adjustment, which will in the end, make YOU a happier person

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