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Rittman Rules!  L.L.C.
Confidence   Communication   Creativity

Dede Rittman, a classroom teacher for 37 years, shares her ideas, expertise, and lessons learned with all teachers, both new and experienced.   Dede believes that every day learning, as well as learning about teaching, are two life long processes for educators.  Each day, Dede will share a “carrot of wisdom” with you from her days as a classroom educator, focusing on the three C’s of Confidence, Communication, and Creativity.  Because of the person and teacher she is, Dede will also add a fourth C to this web site, Compassion, which is a must for all teachers.  Dede believes that teachers are each others best resources, so many of the “carrots” will address staff relationships.

By the way, Dede’s teaching days are not over, as she is continuing to educate both teachers and students through her company Rittman Rules!  She will soon be publishing her ebook RITTMAN RULES!  A Practical guide to Student Teaching.

The name “Bunny Teacher” comes from Dede’s former grade 10 English students.  As a teacher, Dede set very high expectations in the classroom, but delighted in the learning process and often praised her students and called them her “bunnies” as a term of endearment.  In 1989, her third period class bought her a bunny for her birthday, and the saga and legend of Binky Rittman was born.  Binky Rittman was a Netherland lop who lived for 11 years- a long time in “bunny years!”  She was litter-box trained by Dede and her husband Scott, and Binky had full run of the house.  When asked how she could litter-box train a rabbit, Dede always answered “I teach 10th grade; I can tame anything!”  Binky went everywhere with the Rittmans- on vacation to the beach, on weekends to the mountains, on long drives in Dede’s convertible, to the nursing home to comfort patients, and sometimes to school- and Binky gave love to everyone she met. Binky died in August of 1999 from cancer, which had spread from the year before, when she had a hysterectomy and complete mastectomy in 1998.  When Dede sees former students, they continue to remember Binky Rittman and they still consider themselves to be “One of Mrs. Rittman’s Bunnies.”

An entertaining speaker, Dede is available to address your faculty on a variety of topics. 

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