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Sometimes another writer approaches me and asks to write a guest blog on my page. If I believe my readers can use the information, I am happy to share. (After all, isn't that what teachers do?)  The article below comes from new friend Ed Carter of   Ed is a retired financial planner who now uses his expertise to help individuals and families with a disability to prepare for the future. Ed can be reached at  

In this article, Ed writes about some fun ways educators can boost income. I have done three of the ideas he recommends!  Good luck!  Dede 

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7 Fun Side Hustles for Teachers
to Boost Their Income During Breaks


Teachers appreciate breaks as much as any student. The school year is intense, with a rigid daily schedule and little downtime during the day. While most teachers would enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax when school is out, many educators are taking on part-time work and short-term gigs to earn money for vacations, holidays, or retirement savings.

Taking on additional work doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun, though. The following gigs, courtesy of Lessons Learned from the Bunny Teacher, are both fun and profitable ways to spend your extra time.

Work at a Theater or Entertainment Complex

Whether it’s your local community theater, sports complex, or entertainment complex, gigs are aplenty at these attractions. What’s more, you get the added perk of listening to popular bands playing live, seeing all the action from your favorite sports team or watching talented, up-and-coming actors and actresses work the stage.

Jobs might include working the concession stand, ticketing, or serving as an usher, all of which allow you to catch a bit of the action while you earn some cash.

Top Into the Sharing Economy

The rise of the sharing economy – consumer-to-consumer or peer-to-peer services like Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and Uber – makes it possible for anyone to earn extra cash (or a full-time income) from providing services or products through online platforms. If you decide to teach abroad for a summer, you can even earn some cash while you’re experiencing a new culture by renting your home through Airbnb. 

If you’re looking for work during holiday breaks, offer rides locally through Uber, sign up to carry out simple tasks like grocery shopping or running errands through a service like TaskRabbit, or offer dog boarding or dog walking services through a platform like Rover. Because you can set your own schedule, you can build in plenty of time to get your classroom in order for next year. 

Continue Teaching Online 

Educators who love teaching can continue to engage and work with students by creating and leading online courses. With many platforms that enable you to create and sell courses without a lot of technical know-how, getting set up as an online course instructor is pretty simple. Plus, you don’t have to stick to the same subjects that you teach during the school year.

Teach a course on something that interests you. To make the subject easier and fun to learn, consider turning your course material into an educational animated video.

Use Your Performing Arts Skills

If you spend your school year teaching students to sing or act, tap into your vocal talent by signing up for work as a voice-over actor, an audiobook narrator, or offer lessons to adults and children alike as a vocal coach. You never know, you may find a side gig you can enjoy indefinitely.

Sell Your Teaching Materials and Instructional Ideas

Teachers spend tons of time carefully creating instructional materials and conceptualizing activities that keep students engaged. Share the wealth by offering your meticulously crafted lesson plans, worksheets, and other materials to other educators through a service such as Teachers Pay Teachers.

Host a Club or Camp for Young People

Parents often welcome opportunities to keep their children engaged when school isn’t in session. Teachers who are looking for fun ways to spend their breaks while earning a bit of extra money might consider starting a club or day camp opportunity for children or young adults.

Try starting a book club, for example, that selects a book to read each week and meets once or twice weekly to discuss the story. For a nominal fee, parents get the peace of mind of knowing their children are spending time with a trustworthy adult while also keeping their minds engaged.

Turn a Business Idea Into an LLC

Have you ever thought about starting up a business? With the right tools and services, it's easier to run a business than you might think. Whatever idea you have, whether it's freelance writing or personal chef, you'll need to decide on which business structure you want and what name you’ll operate under. ZenBusiness has more information about how to set up an LLC online so you can quickly formalize your venture.

Whatever you decide to spend your time doing when school is out, take advantage of one of the many opportunities for teachers to have some fun while earning some extra cash.

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