Wednesday, June 3, 2020

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?" Henry David Thoreau


Like millions of others across the globe, I have been heartsick since the death of George Floyd.  In fact, in some ways, I wish I had never seen the video of his last words, calling for his mother, and saying that he could not breathe.  It is a series of images I cannot erase from my mind.

I am not sure why some people are mean to those they perceive as being less than they are, but it is a subject I have pondered since I was a child.  Was it something that happened in childhood?  Was there an adult in their lives that tortured them, and they just couldn't help becoming the same way?  Do they lack empathy? (Yes - always - buy why?) Why do they love that feeling of power over others?  How do they feel after they have demeaned a person?

I was a high school teacher for 37 years, and a school is a microcosm of society. I saw lots of kids who seemed to enjoy hurting others and/or putting others down.  I had countless meetings with parents and guidance counselors concerning these kids, and some got the message that what they were doing was not OK, but many did not.  I can think of a few such students who met with incarcerations, or even untimely deaths.  Now, just like then, I could implore a person to see the light and reform, and try to impart the idea of empathy,  but the ultimate choice is up to the individual. 

It is my opinion that we need to be vigilant about treating others with empathy and kindness. Now is the time to look at others we perceive as "different," and find our similarities instead.  When I was a very young child, I saw a black man and asked my mother why his skin color was different from mine.  Her answer was so simple, yet so sensible.  "God made lots of people in different colors and who look different from us.  He made a whole variety of people, but the most important thing he wants us to know is that inside, beneath different colors of skin, we are all the same. No one is better or worse.  We are all the same inside.Then, as she always said, my mother said to "Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, no matter their skin color if if they are different from you."  Audrey's number one rule, both inside and outside the house, was the Golden Rule.  My brothers and I heard that rule so often; consequently, we have become human beings with great empathy. 

With empathy, all problems can be solved.  With empathy, gaps between groups narrow and communication can be established, and new treatises can be reached.  It's all about teaching and practicing empathy. 

I feel for those of you who are hurting - from the pandemic, from this terrible tragedy, from watching our country in turmoil. 

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