Friday, October 4, 2019

"I'm so thankful I had a childhood before technology took over."

I saw a video this past week about what people over 40 remember about their childhoods.  It was fun to watch as people recalled their favorite outdoor activities.  

What do YOU remember about childhood activities? I can list so many!

Riding bikes all day in the neighborhood
Playing in the creek for hours
Hide and seek at dusk, then trudging home when the street lights turned on
Jumping rope, then hopscotch, then playing 7 Up, then rollerskating - the kind with a key (no helmets or knee pads)
Playing stick ball in the street
Hula-hooping, followed by doing tricks with a yo-yo
Playing baseball in the cemetery open area
Walking to and from the Bookmobile
Strolling through the Heights Plaza, and spending 10 cents on a chocolate chip skyscraper ice cream cone at Isaly's
Walking to and from the community swimming pool with my brother
Playing army in a nearby small wooded area
Rolling down the neighbors hill with 6 kids inside a refrigerator box
Playing board games on the front porch on rainy days
Picking apples or cherries or raspberries to eat fresh or to make into a pie
Sleeping overnight at a friend's house, or having the friend at my house

Quite a list, right?  And I was hardly trying!  I am sure you could add some more of your own, but this list is a great start. 

Sadly, at the end of this video, kids were asked what they thought would be most memorable about their childhoods.  The answer was PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. 

Not a single kid said anything about participating in an outside activity. 

This is so wrong, but we have all been watching it happen for years.  Drive through any suburban neighborhood, and you will see no kids playing outside.  In fact, many do not know how to make up creative and imaginary games. Parents organize "play dates" at a playground instead. Kids are not riding bikes and playing ball, nor are they participating in anything remotely physical.  Is it any wonder that childhood obesity has skyrocketed? 

I have no children, but I am glad to see my great nieces and nephews outside playing and running and swimming.  I do not want their childhood memories to be "playing video games."  

Sorry - I have looked and looked, but I can't find the video that created this topic.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. 
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