Thursday, September 12, 2019

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

School is in full swing, and some students will be giving up in a few short months or less.  I know this because I was a teacher for 37 years, and I say to all my teacher readers -  do not let this happen!

I taught challenged learners for 36 of my 37 years in the classroom.  Some had major reading or learning disabilities.  Some were struggling with addiction issues that prevented them from learning.  Some had a dysfunctional home life,  and although they did better when they were at school, the gaps in their education really hurt them by the tenth grade.  For some, my English class was their first "regular" class, meaning not in the special education room.

I loved all of these students, but I had to really work hard to boost them to believe in themselves and try again.  Many felt isolated and insecure, but I found a way to show them they were not alone. I also praised small steps and attempts, which led to bigger strides and more self confidence, which led to success.

Although the Internet was not around for my entire career, I found stories about the failures of famous people they knew.  I told them about poor Thomas Edison, whose entire workshop, filled with years of his work and hundreds of prototypes, burned to the ground, forcing him to begin anew.  That is real perseverance.  I told them about Walt Disney's many failures, working in a freezing office with one little mouse running around, and how that mouse became a name we all recognize - Mickey Mouse. 

I believe that these stories of real people who failed multiple times helped my students to keep their enthusiasm and try again.  Of course, teacher enthusiasm is a necessary ingredient to help the students to keep working.

Here is a link to some stories of famous failures, and the people did NOT give up!  Maybe this site will help your students.

Teachers work so hard to provide content, but often, creating a supportive environment for students to lean from their failures and persevere is equal in importance.  

Good luck with all your students this year! 

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. 
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