Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating." Sophocles

Like thousands of other Americans, I am shocked by the scandal involving rich parents paying huge sums of money for their children to be accepted into prestigious universities. Some had the answers changed on the SAT and the ACT; some pretended their children were talented athletes.  This whole thing makes me feel physically sick.

For all the years I was in the classroom, my colleagues and I helped our students to develop better study habits to get higher grades to apply for college.  We taught strategies to make the best choices on questions in order to score higher on the required standardized tests.  We handed out suggested reading lists and recommended courses, community service, and more. We encouraged the students to believe in themselves, and we told the students that their hard work would be rewarded.

WRONG. Not if these selfish parents have their way. 

I have to think - what about all the worthy students who were NOT granted admission to the university of their choice, because parents cheated and paid cash for their own kids to get in?  These cheaters and elitists deserve to have the book thrown at them.  What terrible examples they set for their own children, and I feel sorry for the kids who did not know their parents did this. I am sure they are having some real feelings of worthlessness right now, that Mommy and Daddy did not believe in them enough to allow them to make the grade on their own - instead, they paid for their kids to be accepted.  And what makes these cheaters think that their kids are more deserving than a hard working student from the middle class? 

I hope the big name universities are punished for their part in this "Operation Varsity Blues." What an embarrassment for Brown and Yale and  USC and the others to have their names tarnished in this criminal activity. 

This scandal has only just begun. I have the feeling that more and more famous names will come to light.  I hope both students and parents can learn from this terrible cheating scandal. And I hope the most worthy candidates are awarded a place in their chosen university.

Here is a link to the scandal:

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