Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Teaching - The professions that creates all other professions."

This week, thousands of Los Angeles teachers went on strike.  Reasons include large class size  (45 in secondary schools), lack of support staff like counselors, nurses, and school psychologists, too much testing with too little curriculum, and low student spending, when the district has a stash of money.  These teachers, just like teachers everywhere, want more for their students.  Teachers did not t choose teaching for the huge bonuses and assortment of perks; they chose to teach in order to make a difference.

When I was a teacher for 37 years, we all wanted more for our students.  School is the foundation for everything a person will become!  Districts should see that they are holding the future of the country and the world in their hands, but sadly, they do not.  Why?  The people in charge of schools - the school board- are not educators.

I rarely offer a political opinion, but this issue has bothered me my entire life.  In other professions, the administrators of the business have been associated with and understand the profession.  For example, the managing partner of a law firm is a lawyer who has practiced law for years and understands the process.  School board members rarely or never have had any experience in the classroom, nor have they studied the methodology for teaching students, handling discipline, creating and implementing a viable curriculum, working toward inclusion, differentiating instruction, planning appropriate and interesting lessons, working with parents, and all the other things teachers must deal with every single day.  Board members have no idea that the average teacher makes 5000 decisions per day, and that teachers are trying so hard to extract the best from each student.  They have no idea that being with so many needy human beings all day is so exhausting, that come Friday night, bed beckons at 6 p.m. 

I am happy that teachers are standing up for themselves and their students, rather than allowing know-nothing school board members to dictate their ideas and dole out their money, one painful dollar at a time.  Teachers in today's must wear many hats : teacher, counselor, parent, advisor, psychologist, friend, confidante, and more. Students and teachers deserve more! School is the beginning and the end of our country's future, and I don't think we are doing a very good job of preparing. Schools and students need more resources, and they need them now. If resources do not improve, schools are not doing a very good job of preparing all the other professions.

Here is the link to an article by an LA teacher: 

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