Saturday, February 3, 2018

"Acceptance is what we wish for ourselves and often deny others." Susan L. Taylor

A few weeks ago, I went to the movies to see WONDER.  After being in the classroom for 37 years, and teaching many students with special needs, I knew that WONDER would be a film that I would like.  The film was engaging and well-acted, and the lessons were both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  In fact, I think it is appropriate for classroom use.

This is a beautiful film on so many levels. The story is about a young boy with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affects the development of bones and other tissues in the face. A child with this syndrome does not look like other children.  Auggie's parents decide that he should go to "real school" and not be home schooled, and so he enters middle school. The film is about the manner in which  parents and students at Auggie's school react to his presence in school.

This film offers so many lessons and teachable moments. Sometimes, teachers are presented with material that can help students to understand a topic, and this Hollywood film is a good example of such material. Students could learn perseverance from Auggie, as well as developing self-confidence and friendships. They could learn that the way a person looks has nothing to do with who the person is on the inside, and that everyone needs to be included and friended by others. The theme of acceptance and denial of acceptance permeates the film, and I think this theme lends itself to many class activities and it could be a really good teaching tool in the middle school.  A creative teacher could plan writing and discussion activities around the film, which could have a huge impact to help all students understand the concept of inclusion and exclusion. 

I urge all teachers to see the film, and perhaps the department could work together to create lessons to accompany the viewing of the film.  I think the impact on student learning, understanding, and acceptance will be well worth the effort. This film presents far more information to promote understanding of anti-bullying than any anti-bullying lesson I was required to teach in the classroom. 

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