Saturday, January 13, 2018

"TEACHING - The profession that creates all other professions." - Anonymous

I believe that overall, teachers in the United States are undervalued.  Discuss teaching with any group, and you will hear phrases like, "They only work 9 months a year," or "They don't really have to WORK very hard."  Statements like that continue to infuriate me, but I think the biggest slap against teachers came this week when a teacher in Louisiana questioned the 27% raise of the school superintendent, and she was taken out of the school board meeting in handcuffs.  (Teachers in that district have not had a raise for 10 years.)  It is plain to see that teachers are NOT valued in that district.

I watched this story on the news and read about it online, along with the rest of the country. Along with thousands of others, I thought, "This can't be happening in the United States!"  But it did - all because of a single teacher questioning a raise.   

People need to wake up!  Teachers are the profession that creates all other professions. Teachers work with students of all ability levels, encouraging each child to be the best he can be. Every teacher I know spends hundreds of dollars of their own money to buy classroom supplies.  Watch the national news, and you will see that teachers work in some terrible conditions, with students from all walks of life, including homelessness, to help children to move forward to a better life.  Like many of my former colleagues and friends who are still teaching, I loved being in the classroom, teaching, and all of the challenges  that came with it. I was fortunate to teach in a school district that valued teachers, and our salaries were commensurate with that value.  Many of my counterparts across the country are not so fortunate. 

I hope Deyshia Hargrave receives an apology from the school board who had her removed in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. I applaud her courage in speaking up, when others were afraid. Deyshia knows the value of good teachers, and she is not afraid to extol that value. Here is the link about the story:   and the link about Deyshia asking for an apology:   

Indeed, the value of good teachers cannot be fully measured, and all other professions are created by those who choose a life of service through teaching.

I am grateful for the many good teachers in my life. Those wonderful educators not only encouraged me, they also were my role models and mentors. #thankateacher 

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. 

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