Saturday, July 8, 2017

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Scott Hamilton

I enjoy stories of inspiration, especially when the stories are about  great things happening for kids with disabilities. And because I have so many readers who are teachers, I really like to share these stories. I have an inspirational story to share today!

It's summertime, and all kids love playing and cooling off in water parks.  Go to any water park and you will hear squeals of delight and shouts of laughter, along with wide grins that personify pure summer fun. But what about a child who has a disability, like being in a wheelchair?  Have you ever seen a water park for kids with physical challenges?

The devoted father of a girl named Morgan wanted his daughter to have the opportunity to enjoy a water park on a hot day, and after 3 years of planning and working with experts, Gordon Hartman of San Antonio made his dream for his daughter into a reality.  He built a 4 acre water park that can accommodate ALL kids - including those with physical challenges. And kids with challenges even get in free!

When I began my teaching career in 1974, students with special needs were not mainstreamed as they are today.  Many teachers were scared and nervous, as we had limited or no training for accommodating and helping our new students. My philosophy about teaching students with special needs was simple- they were all kids- so I gave them my best and  loved them all! When I had questions, like how to attach a writing contraption to the forearm and hand of a student who was a paraplegic, I asked the student to help me. (Not making a big deal made it easier for the student, and I told him that he needed to teach me!) 

Back then, and throughout my 37 year career,  I embraced my students with disabilities. In fact, they all taught me to be a better teacher.  My lip-reading, hearing impaired students made me slow my speaking pace; the students who were blind made me teach to more than the visual learners, my students with physical challenges and/or mental challenges made me rethink my material and methods so that every learner could be involved. And guess what?  Because I changed my teaching methods for a few, everyone in the classroom benefitted. So many terrific former students - who had problems I had never heard of and could barely pronounce - taught me many lessons about patience, perseverance, and the importance of a good attitude. 

I have always been an advocate for equal rights and opportunities for students, whether they be regular education or special education. Looking back, I can actually remember some of my first mainstreamed students wistfully saying they "Wish they could _____ (fill in the blank-the possibilities are endless)- like the rest of the kids."  

People like Gordon Hartman, who wanted his daughter to feel included and welcomed, are an inspiration. The world provides so many lessons to all of us. I hope you will take a moment to read about Morgan's Inspiration Island, named for his daughter.  The video clip and story are very inspiring! 

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