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What is the climate in your classroom?

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Although February is the shortest month of the year, February usually seems like the longest and snowiest month to live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Schools normally have a day or two off for inclement weather, along with some two-hour delays.  Pittsburghers mostly loathe February.  

But not this year. We have just experienced a weather miracle in Pittsburgh!  For over a week, our daily highs have been between 60 and a record-breaking 76 - which is our average temperature for June 3!  Golf courses are open; the park is full of bicycles and joggers; no one is wearing a light jacket, let alone a winter coat!  And the people are rejuvenated!  Passing strangers make small talk about the weather, and everyone is smiling.  It seems as though the good weather has provided people with a positive attitude adjustment! 

All of this good weather has made me think about classroom weather. Every classroom has a climate, created by the teacher.  It is the teacher who decides upon rain clouds or sunshine; windstorms or beautiful sunsets. Since everyone likes sunny and favorable weather the best, teachers must strive to make their classroom climate welcoming and appealing, and a place where students want to be.

What can teachers do to affect their classroom climates?  Teachers can stand at the door and welcome students as they enter. They can make small talk about the big game, or give a compliment for a new shirt or haircut. Teachers can look students in the eyes, and really listen when a student is talking. Teachers can encourage all students, especially those who seem to have given up.  Teachers can set high standards for students, and applaud their efforts when students meet those expectations.  Teachers can be organized and prepared, have good control, and enjoy a give and take with the class, to make sure everyone feels important.  Teachers can be sure that every learner is included, and provide extra effort to include those who seem to want to be on the periphery. Teachers can get to know their students as people, not just as students, and those positive relationships will make the classroom climate even sunnier.

Teaching is a difficult job, to be sure, as teachers work so hard to meet the needs of every student. I can say for sure, however, that if teachers can create a positive classroom climate, tardiness and absenteeism will diminish, and grades will improve.  I urge all teachers to give a little more effort toward improving the disposition of their classrooms, because when it's sunny in class, the day flies by, and everyone is happier.  

I would love to know your results, should you try to make your classroom even sunnier.  I know the strategies above worked for me for the 37 years I was a classroom teacher.  

Here's to sunshine in your classroom!

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