Saturday, January 7, 2017

"I urge you to deliberate honestly and thoughtfully. You are faced with a grave responsibility." from 12 ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose

I received a jury summons in the mail a few months back, and I had to appear last week.  It has been a very long time since I have been called to serve - maybe over 15 years.  I was not looking forward to it, but I hoped I would learn something from the experience. 

First of all, just getting inside the Allegheny County Courthouse was an ordeal!  The Courthouse in Pittsburgh, just like airports and federal buildings, requires screening and the deposit of possessions into bins to be x-rayed.   My three Sabika necklaces set off the alarm, so I even had to remove my jewelry! (Sorry to the people in line behind me.) 

About 70 of us were herded into a large room at 8:30 a.m., and our summons were collected.  Just like school, some of the people forgot theirs!  Everyone was a little apprehensive, especially when we found out that they were choosing a jury for criminal court. When the judge appeared to speak to us about our solemn responsibilities as jurors, I could not help but think of the 37 years I taught 12 ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose to my 10th grade English students!   I planned guest speakers back then, usually moms and dads of kids from my classes who were lawyers, and we spent several class periods on legal definitions of words.  Perhaps the most difficult one for students to understand was the term "reasonable doubt."  As the judge spoke to our group of prospective jurors, he spent quite a bit of time on that term as well.  He talked about the legal definition of "presumed innocent", as well as trying to be nonjudgmental. The gravity of his tone made me think of the uniqueness of our legal system, in which everyone is entitled to a trial with a jury of his peers. Just like exercising the right to vote is so American, serving on a jury is fundamental to the American system of law.  I felt good inside that I had been called to serve, because the judge's presentation reminded me of the blessings of being an American.

We had to complete a very thought-provoking questionnaire as well, which asked tough questions about personal beliefs.  Would I believe a police officer over an ordinary citizen? Would you? 

I was not chosen for a trial; in fact, no one in our group of 70 was even interviewed.  A jury had been chosen from another pool of jurors in another room.  In Allegheny County, jurors serve one day, and if they are not chosen, they are not recalled more days.  We are one and done. 

I felt relieved that I did not have to be a juror and have my life disrupted for a week or two on a homicide trial, and even more relieved that I did not have to work with 11 others toward a unanimous verdict - after all, you know what happened in 12 ANGRY MEN ! 

If you are called to jury duty, I urge you to take a positive attitude with you, because real people are the reason our justice system works. 

I have often wondered how many of my former students from those 37 years have been called as jurors, and I hope that our classroom lessons about law and reading and studying the play 12 ANGRY MEN helped them to be confident jurors. I loved teaching, and I personally enjoyed seeing my classroom teachings come alive in my experience in the jury pool.   

If you haven't seen the 1957 black and white film of 12 ANGRY MEN, Henry Fonda is wonderful as Juror 8, the hero of the story.  Lots of great character actors were also in the film.  Here is a link to take a look at the cast. 

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