Monday, February 15, 2016

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. - Dr. Seuss

In the past few weeks, I have been thinking quite a bit about READING.  I have loved to read since I was a small child; in fact, I could read before I entered kindergarten. (I always make the joke that I was born to be an English teacher, since i was reading at such a young age!)

I always tried to share my love for reading with my classes. During my 37 years as an English teacher, the one phrase that I absolutely abhorred hearing from my students was this one:  "I don't like reading." 

How can anyone not like reading? Reading a book can transport the reader into wonderful and magical worlds, spaces, and time periods. The reader can become the hero or the heroine, the victim or the savior, the protagonist or the antagonist, the narrator or the bystander.  The descriptions of scenery and action and characters are magnified in the brain, simmered in the  imagination, and then savored in thought and remembrance. Finishing a book is sometimes like quitting an old friend, causing the reader to pick up the book again and renew the relationship.

I believe that ALL teachers, as well as ALL parents, are reading teachers. Children will model adult behavior.  Adults who share a love of reading and learning with children are helping those children to become readers, and often, readers become leaders.

I am enjoying presenting my children's book GRADY GETS GLASSES to many elementary and preschool children. They all seem to LOVE reading!  We must work harder as parents and teachers to foster the continuing love of reading in our children.  After all, the children are our future, and we want them to be the very best they can be! 

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. 

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I LOVE writing. And I love writing children's books- my newest passion. Although it will be a ton of work, I am looking forward to selling my books.  Since I was a secondary teacher, I know that I have much to learn about elementary students, and I will have to follow my own advice and be my genuine self.  However, I also know that I am passionate about helping kids who have to wear glasses, and that GRADY GETS GLASSES sends a positive message. I am willing to work hard and do all the things that also made me a successful teacher for 37 years. I remain inspired! 

Here is the link the my 15 second Grady Gets Glasses commercial!

Teacher friends- let me know if you want me to read GRADY GETS GLASSES at your school. I am willing to come in to discuss the creative writing process, why writing is important, and personal fulfillment through writing, along with reading my book.  I would appreciate the exposure, and I would make signed copies available for purchase in your classrooms following the reading.  Please email me at .  The website IS UP AND RUNNING!!!.  Signed copies ARE available!  Coloring books and Grady plush toys are ordered! 

Please like Dede's new page Grady Gets Glasses for updates about her children's book. 

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