Monday, January 18, 2016

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

Powerball Fever has been motivating the country for these past few weeks, and finally, the furor ended when three people hit the jackpot this past Wednesday.  Television cameras in California and other states showed long lines- stretched around city blocks- of  people waiting to buy tickets, dreaming wildly about what they would do with their new found wealth. In this country, the fever, the fervor, and the passion for that which could be gained by winning the Powerball has never been higher.

Don't you wish Education could be like that?  As a teacher, I wish that people could be as passionate about all of the good that could be derived from Education, and that they would share their dreams about what they will do when they win their degrees. 

Call me crazy, but I think the pursuit of the Powerball jackpot, elusive as it may be, IS similar to the pursuit of Education.

After all, those pursuing an education have wonderful rewards (monetary and others) ready to reap when they complete their degrees or advanced degrees.  Both playing the Powerball and working toward a degree require time and waiting - sometimes in long lines, and sometimes spending time writing papers and reading textbooks (which are not desired to be read.) Both the lottery players and those pursuing their educations are dreaming wildly about the successes they will achieve and enjoy when they win their (jackpot) degree.For some, those pipedreams of success help to keep them going! Until the winning ticket and the winning names are announced at graduation, both must be content to dream their dreams. Perhaps most importantly, sometimes the winning ticket belongs to someone else, leaving wishes unfulfilled.  The circumstance of losing, either the lottery or the credits,  requires the mustering of courage and fortitude to continue studying, reading, writing, and acquiring knowledge, until the prize is awarded.

The chances of winning the lottery are miniscule; furthermore,  the player has no control over winning or losing, since lottery games are purely games of chance.  I think it is a far better investment to bet on and believe in oneself, and to apply fervor and passion to that which can be controlled by oneself, rather than by chance and longshot odds.  Set goals, dream your dream, believe in yourself, and work hard to achieve your desires.  I will stake my bet on YOU!  You can do it!  

Remember what Ben Franklin said: "An investment in knowledge pays the BEST interest." Good luck!  

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