Monday, September 1, 2014

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Upon reflection this Labor Day weekend, I am thinking that for many teachers, as well as myself, the true "new year" has never been on January 1; rather,  the real new year is the beginning of each new school year. Although I am retired now, I still feel the stirrings and the anticipation of new beginnings, even as Fall brings its crisp mornings and colored leaves, the sound of football stadium cheering, and the roar of the school buses on their neighborhood routes.  When I was teaching, I always liked the idea of a "fresh start" each school year, and I believe that in no other job or profession can you have even close to the excitement of that first day of school. Teachers have the chance to practice their skills on an entirely different group of students.  For students, the curriculum that each teacher knows "by heart" presents difficult student learning challenges waiting to be conquered   For teachers, the new year brings an additional opportunity to tweak and hone lessons, making them even better than the lessons you taught  last year. I know that revamping presentations and lessons was one of my favorite parts of teaching; I thought it was fun to reflect on the lessons and think about how I could improve those lessons each year. I believe that the good teacher is similar to a good lawyer or doctor, in that teachers learn from their mistakes and experiences, making them more aware of what works and what does not work, both in the classroom and in dealing with individual students and parents.  

Although I am not teaching in the classroom this year, I want to share a new beginning with all of you.  I spent the last year finishing a book for student teachers. a book which I began to write several years ago, and continued to rewrite and revise.  So, it is only right, that in this month of September, my book is being published and is now available for pre-sale orders and on Kindle, Ibooks, Nook, and  in Barnes and Noble as well.  I hope to be back in the classrooms of colleges and universities to share my expertise with aspiring teachers.  I have written a practical and fun read to help anyone who is in education, especially student teachers and new teachers.  Suddenly, September is just as exciting as it was for those 37 years in the classroom!  I hope you will have a chance to check it out!    The book is called STUDENT TEACHING: THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM A MASTER TEACHER by Dede Faltot Rittman. My new website is still under construction, but here is the link to Amazon:   

I must tell you that it is completely surreal to see my book cover and picture on The paperback is $12.95 and the Kindle version is just $3.99. 

I have always loved school and teaching, and this book is merely an extension of that love, as i offer a helping hand to those who are new in the profession. .  

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